Excuses, Excuses… (Music for a bad day)

Time for my long list of excuses as to why you’re not getting a real blog post today… :/

I’m SUPER busy this week- work is hectic and I only have a few seconds to spare to even type this up. I have family visiting so I’ve been spending every second with them. I still haven’t found a third roommate, and the deadline is in just a few days. I’m super stressed and I have so much on my mind that I can barely form a coherent thought.

So, here are a few of my favorite past #SaturdaySongs that are getting me through the day. Music is my crutch today. Maybe some of you are having a stressful hump day and these songs will help you, as well.

Odesza // It’s Only

The Acid // Basic Instinct

Ed Sheeran // Give Me Love

Lord Huron // Love Like Ghosts

Ana Egge // Bad Blood

Daughter // Smother


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