YouTube: Part 2

Hey guys!

I had so much fun writing my last YouTube post and searching for great videos to link to you guys and just discovering all of these fun YouTubers, that I decided to make another one! Since I last wrote about YouTube, I have subscribed to even more vloggers! Turns out, there’s loads of them!

So, while I still constantly watch Grace Helbig, Zoe, Alfie, Caspar, Joe Sugg, Rose and Rosie, etc. etc. I’ve found some more! I’m starting to run out of hours in the day O_O

Check out these other YouTubers that I like, watch the videos I linked below, then explore their channels for even more fun! Enjoy!

Ingrid Nilsen (aka Missglamorazzi)
I stumbled upon Ingrid at what was most likely a huge moment in her life. This girl whose name I’d never heard of before was all over my Twitter feed from other youtubers I follow now, congratulating her and applauding her and saying what an inspiration she is. So, she had my attention. I thought to myself, who is this girl? What did she do? Why is she trending on Twitter? What’s going on? What did I miss? Turns out, I missed her coming out video. It’s crazy that I stumbled upon her at a time in her life when everything was changing so much and she was dealing with something so huge, but I’m really glad that my attention was brought to her, because she’s ADORABLE. I just love her and her videos and her fashion/hair/make-up tips. I’ve really gotten into beauty vlogging lately, and she is just incredible at it. Check out her videos, because you’ll just love them! She has some really great stuff!

Vlog Brothers
Honestly, I used to watch John and Hank Green’s videos before I even really knew what YouTube was all about. If you’ve heard of Nerdfighters, this is where it comes from! Basically, these two brothers film videos to one another talking about different things- life, politics, American issues, etc. And it’s really educational without talking down to their viewers, which I really appreciate. And Hank even recently got to interview Obama because of his videos, which is just WOW! So, if you’re looking to learn a little something and just feel like you’re part of the conversation, check these two out. Plus, who doesn’t love John Green?

Oli White
What. A. Cutie. I discovered Oli White through Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee. These three are good friends and he features in a lot in their videos. And he even recently did a collaboration with Rose and Rosie. So he was already making appearances in all of these videos that I watch. But the more I saw him on camera, the more I thought he was just absolutely adorable. So I headed on over to his channel and started watching. He’s just seems like a sweetheart and is… I don’t know, I don’t have any word other than adorable. Check him out. You’ll see what I mean.

Jim Chapman
Which brings me to Jim! He’s still relatively new on my subscriptions. I haven’t watched too many of his videos, but I really like what I’ve seen so far. He’s funny, a jokester, a good sport, and just enjoyable to watch. I don’t know really how else to describe him; he’s one of those people that is just pleasant to watch. Just, click below. See for yourself!

Tanya Burr
And that brings me to Tanya, Jim’s fiance! Again, I discovered Tanya through YouTubers that I was already watching. She collaborated and is friends with Zoe and Alfie. So, I headed on over to her channel and realized that she’s a beauty vlogger. Again, I’m really getting into beauty vlogging lately, so of course I started watching all of her videos, and she’s really good! She’s so sweet and I love that when she’s doing someone else’s make-up, she comments on how she’s enhancing good features that they already have, instead of trying to cover up flaws (which is what make-up should be all about). So she’s just such a positive person and I love her beauty tips!


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