My Week in NYC

I. Am. Exhausted.

After Governor’s Ball, going back to the real world was tough. And then it all caught up to me and I got sick and spent a few days in bed.

Sleep, work, repeat. -sigh- But mostly work. Work has been insane and exhausting and just really hectic lately.

Outside of work, I’ve been on the constant search for new roommates. In less than two weeks, my roommates will be moving out, so I’ve been searching for new roommates to fill those rooms. I’ve found two girls that seem like they’ll be really great, so YAY! I’m still working on filling that last room, though. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m actually having nightmares about trying to find these roommates. It’s so stressful, but at least I’m not moving this year! I’m showing the apartment to a few more girls this weekend, so fingers crossed one of them really stands out!

The thing about finding roommates in NYC is that you often have to go with complete strangers. It’s difficult making friends in a city this large, as many of the people I meet grew up here and already have their set group of friends. Don’t get me wrong- I have loads of friends up here. But most of them are people I met through work, as it’s actually quite hard to make friends outside of school (at least in this city). I moved up here only knowing two people, and both of them are no longer here. So when you don’t have any friends in the city, it’s difficult to reach out and become friends with complete strangers. Yes, there are loads of people up here. And yes, there are always fun things to do. But most of the people here already have their group of friends that they stick with and do all the fun things with. (But seriously, I have friends up here. Don’t worry. I’m just saying, it’s difficult). And the friends I do have either still live with their families, as they grew up here, or already have a place to live. So you turn to Craigslist to find roommates and just have to take a leap of faith. So wish me luck!

Awkward story of the week- I went to see Jurassic World last weekend with my friend and her brother… her brother I once went on a date with and then lost touch with. It wasn’t due to lack of interest on either of our parts… it was honestly just a misunderstanding about communication and who was supposed to ask who on the next date. I’m HORRIBLE at dating, I tell you. HORRIBLE. So anyway, it honestly wasn’t awkward between us. My friend made sure of that- she asked us both separately if it would be weird and we were both like, “No! It’s fine!” But then it ended up being so fine that we kind of spent the whole day talking to one another and left my friend out. She actually forced him to give up his seat in the theater because we sat in the order of my friend, her brother, then me, and she felt left out. Anyway, it was a really fun time. But the guy is moving out of the city next month, and I don’t want to go down that road again anyway, as it’s my friend’s brother…. and oh my god, I’ve just realized that I’m a terrible friend who will date your brother then never call him and I may have just third-wheeled my friend/his sister. Wow. I suck…

On a more cheerful note, Broadway Bites is back up and running in Herald Square for the rest of summer! I went with my friend on Thursday to pay him back for helping me install my AC. There were so many good food booths! It felt like there were less booths than in previous years, but still loads of options to choose from. And the location is so convenient to my work, so I’ll definitely be hitting it up a few more times this summer. It runs from 11 AM – 9 PM every day until July 26th!

In my spare time this week, when I’m not working, sleeping, or interviewing potential roommates, I’ve started reading Life of Pi and I’m loving it so far. I’m not even halfway done with it, but I already highly recommend it! Perhaps I’ll write up a review once I’ve finished reading it.

This weekend will hopefully be really relaxing. I’ve got a few basic errands I need to run- grocery store, salon, hair dresser, etc. And I’ll be showing the apartment a few times over the weekend. But I’ve got a super fun week coming up after that! My cousin is coming to visit and we have tons of fun things planned, so next Friday’s post will be loads more exciting! I promise!

Enjoy your weekend, get your R&R on, and enjoy my music playlist tomorrow… I’m super fond of it.


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