The Struggles of Emrys

My baby girl is the most relaxed, loving, docile, friendly cat in the entire world. Except when it comes time to clean her ears. Emrys HATES having her ears cleaned. And I mean she LOATHES it. Brush her? No problem. Trim her nails? Fine. Give her a manicure? Awesome. Wipe her eyes? Cool. Pull out the ear cleaner? She loses her mind. She’s gotten to the point now where she actually recognizes the bottle that her ear drops are in and she starts grumbling under her breath when I pull it out. She’s like a grumpy old man. She literally makes this grumbling noise in her throat, not quite a growl, but more like she’s mumbling to herself about how much she hates this.

She tries to run and she squirms and she glares at me, then scratches at her ear afterwards for like an hour. She hates it! And she always ignores me for a few hours after I’m done with the process. She’s always over it by the next morning, though. The last time I cleaned her ears, she was practically foaming at the mouth she was so mad. She never hisses, though. She just does her little grumbling act, then goes and hides under the bed for a while. But by the morning, she’s plopped down curled against my side like normal and giving me loads of kisses. At least she’s forgiving!

And another struggle of hers that I discovered recently is her fear of the air conditioner. I’ve never had an AC unit with her- I got her on July 1st of last year (her adoption anniversary is coming up SO SOON! I have to start planning her party)! And I had just moved into a new apartment and just never got around to getting an AC. I always used a fan right next to my bed when I slept at night. And yes, it was miserable. But anyway, for my birthday this year, I asked for a window AC unit and got one! Yay!

One of my friends came over to help me install it near the end of last week and, after hours of work, we finally got it up and running. I was so excited when we turned it on and it worked, but that excitement quickly dissolved when Emrys started freaking out and crying louder than I had ever heard her in my life. She was frantically pacing by the door, moaning as loud as she could, and panting for air. At one point, she even had her tongue hanging out of her mouth, she was gasping so much. I was quick to console her and calm her down, as well as get her out of the room so she wouldn’t be stressed. But no way was I going to go another summer without air conditioning just because she was afraid of it- which makes no sense, considering my AC unit actually ended up being quieter than my fan. I think she was just freaked out by the giant new thing in the window that was making noise and blowing out air.

She didn’t get over her fear of the AC that night- I ended up sleeping with my door cracked open so she could come and go if she wanted, but she slept in the living room the whole night. The next morning, when the AC was turned off, I carried her into my room and brought her over to the AC so she could check it out while it was being quiet. She sniffed it a bit, then lost interest. I left my door open again during the day while I was at work so she could get used to the AC being in the room, in the hopes that she would be calm that night when I turned it on again. Alas, she was still freaked out and slept in the living room again. After that, it was Saturday, so I was home all day. Which meant the AC was on all day. Which meant Emrys was just going to have to deal. Luckily, she did. Third try’s a charm! She now loves the AC and sleeps right in front of it- she’s realized that it’s actually a good thing, because it blows cool air on us. It just took some getting used to.

What was hilarious about this whole ordeal though, was that while Em was scared of the AC, Oliver was totally fine. Oliver is normally the one who is scared of everything, and while Em was freaking out in the other room, Oliver just came trotting in like it was no big deal, hopped up on the bed, and settled down for a good night’s sleep. Just when I think I know what to expect from these two, they go and surprise me.

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