Jurassic World Review

This review is spoiler-free! Yay!

First of all, I’ve read the books. I’m a “true” fan of the stories and the lessons that they convey about science, intelligence, earning power (not just buying it) and control. I have also seen all of the movies and am a huge fan of 1 and 3… 2, not so much. I love Dr. Grant and love to hate Hammond (I empathize with him, I suppose. He was just a bit foolish at times). I love the dinosaurs and the magic of the park and what they were trying to do there, even if it did all go bottoms up. Which is why you should trust me when I say everyone should go see this film!

The Jurassic World movie stays so true to the story of both the novel and the original film, arguing the point that no one is in control. Living creatures can’t be controlled. Science can be a dangerous tool when it’s not earned, when it’s just bought and used to increase sales. Science should not be for monetary gain (shout-out to the evils of consumerism). Science should not be to further one’s name. Science can be deadly. All of the lessons that Michael Crichton and Steven Spielberg first conveyed when they brought this magic to life was honored and put to the forefront of this film, which I really respected.

Of course, nothing will ever be as thrilling, magical, or innovative as the first Jurassic Park film. The original is tense and terrifying and chilling. While the Jurassic World film is all of that, too, it just can’t capture the same magic of the first film. But it doesn’t try to, which is what makes this film so successful. It’s its own film, while still honoring the film of 20 years ago. Many of the characters have learned their lesson from the ones who came before. The workers who earned their spot at the park and worked hard for it, they can respect that the park is not just an attraction for tourists, but a living, breathing entity. It’s the characters who buy their way in that cause chaos.

The graphics are incredible. The acting is great. The characters are lovable (I’m looking at you, Chris Pratt). And instead of simply fearing the dinosaurs, you feel for them, as well. All of the dinosaurs that you know and love from the first film are brought back to life, and it was so magical revisiting them all. Seeing Jurassic World was like seeing Hammond’s dream truly come to life. Except, this time around, the dinosaurs become their own characters, with names, personalities, and emotions. And that, my friends, is what makes this film magic.

I cheered, I screamed, I cried… this is a summer Blockbuster you don’t want to miss!


Katie McGrath has a small part in the film, so you get eye candy of the male and female persuasion.

The film makes fun of Hollywood tropes and is so self-aware that it’s just hilarious.

There are multiple scenes that give shout-outs to the original Jurassic Park- great for reminiscing!


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