Try New Things!

My advice for you this week is to try new things. Step out of your comfort zone. Life is too short to live it in a box. Go out and have an adventure and try something new with people you feel happy and comfortable with, because it will make the experience that much more fun.

I preach “do what you want” all the time. I’m a firm believer in doing what makes you happy, not what everyone else thinks should make you happy. (Cue rant…) Way too many people poke fun at others for not being “normal.” They think you’re being weird and anti-social and don’t know how to have fun if you don’t want to go out on a Friday night and party when, in fact, you have way more fun staying home with a book. If you know that’s how you have fun, then don’t let other people pressure you out of it.

But here’s where the “dichotomous” in my title comes from, because I’m about to completely contradict myself.

Even if you know what you like and you shouldn’t allow yourself to be pressured into doing things you don’t want to do, you should still open yourself up to new experiences and adventures every now and again. Let your trusted friends talk you into doing new things. If it’s something you’ve already done and you know you don’t like it/it doesn’t make you comfortable, then forget it. But if it’s something you’ve never tried or never heard of or never thought about doing, then GO FOR IT!

So many people get stuck in their daily routines- order from the same restaurants, go to the same places, listen to the same old songs. Life is so full of variety that you should try to experience as much of it as you can- which is more true in New York than anywhere else. There are endless opportunities here to try new things, especially in the Spring and Summer.

Go out and have an adventure and live a life worth writing about. This blog has been so inspiring for me, because every Friday I write about all the exciting things I get up to during the week. No one wants to read about me staying at home every night and doing nothing, so it forces me to go out and find adventure. My friends talked me into doing this blog and writing about my life, even though I didn’t want to. But I finally let them convince me and now, because of it, it’s holding me accountable to go out and do even more exciting things! Sometimes, you just have to say “yes.”

So say yes to something you might not normally do this week. Try something new. Go on an adventure. Take a risk. It might just be the most exciting, rewarding thing you’ve done in a while.


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