The Misadventures of Emrys

Emrys gave me quite a scare this week.

My roommate (the one who is Oliver’s mom, actually) decided it was a good idea to leave her window open without a screen in… even though we’re on the top floor of our building.

So I hadn’t seen Em in a while and she’s usually quite clingy, so I decided to go search for her. I found her in my roommate’s room, standing outside of the window, teetering off the ledge of the windowsill, seconds from falling to what likely would have been her death. Luckily, I ran over to her and grabbed her before she could fall. (Still shaking as I write this, and it happened days ago).

I texted my roommate and asked her to never leave her window open without a screen, as it puts both of our cats in danger. She said she would leave it open if she wants to since it’s her room, even though she leaves her door wide open so the cats can go to and from. (Hence the many posts you see on here where I ask people to please be more considerate and realize that their actions have consequences and to take responsibility for their actions… especially as she showed no remorse for her actions and didn’t even acknowledge that she had done anything wrong. In fact, I was reprimanded for telling her what to do… -sigh-)

So basically, Emrys will be confined to my room when I’m not home and able to monitor her until this roommate leaves (about 30 days from now), as she obviously can’t be trusted to keep my baby girl safe (I’ve also come home multiple times to find Em trapped in one of my roommates’ rooms without water or a litter box for who knows how long. Enough is enough). I’m afraid that’s all I can do for her to keep her safe at the moment, much to my disappointment. Moral of the story: Sometimes you can’t even trust fellow cat owners with your own cat. And if there’s someone in your life putting your pet at risk, get rid of them! New Roommate 2.0 will be arriving soon!

Luckily, both Emrys and Oliver are ok and unharmed!

On a happier and less dramatic note, my dear friend Ryan visited me this past weekend and he and Em got along swimmingly! She’s the friendliest cat I’ve ever met in my entire life. She literally sniffed his hand for 2 seconds, decided he was her new best friend, then cuddled up in his lap and rolled over so he could scratch her belly, then rubbed her head against his leg so he would scratch her ears, then she purred and purred and purred and nuzzled him to death. They’re best friends now (I’VE BEEN REPLACED!!!!) I love seeing her interact with new people- she’s just the most loving, friendly, adorable cat in the world (and yeah, I’m a bit biased, but oh well).

image (15)  image (14)

If you feel so inclined, leave Em and me some love in the comments below. We could use some encouragement and happiness this week! Thanks for reading and for my loving my baby girl!

image (17)
(Sorry for the terrible lighting in these pics… she’s grey, not brown. I promise!)


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