My NYC Summer Bucket List!

Summer is here! Spring, Summer and Fall are equally my favorite seasons in NYC. I can never make up my mind. After a much too long winter, I’m always happy for a change in the weather, watching the city come to life again, and enjoying all the wonderful things that I can get up to with the more pleasant weather!

There is always so much happening in the summer and I feel like it becomes winter again faster than I can blink! So I’m going to make a bucket list of all the things I want to get up to this summer to make sure I make the most of it! I’ll come back and edit this post to cross something off the list every time I complete a task. Hopefully, by the time September comes to an end, everything will be crossed off!

  1. Go to Coney Island
  2. Visit Highline Park
  3. Go to a ballgame
  4. Kayak
  5. Swim in a fountain (even though it’s against the rules)
  6. Enjoy a day at the pool
  7. Go on a road trip
  8. Go to the very top of the Empire State Building (or Top of the Rock. I’m flexible)
  9. Go to a movie in the park/rooftop 
  10. Bike through Central Park
  11. Go to an art exhibit
  12. Go to a parade
  13. Ride the Staten Island or Governor’s Island Ferry (or both)
  14. Have a beach day
  15. Go to Broadway in Bryant Park 
  16. Watch a Broadway Show
  17. Go to a rooftop bar
  18. Watch fireworks
  19. Go to a museum
  20. Go on a hike

You should all join me! Whether you’re in NYC or somewhere else, make a bucket list of all the wonderful things you can get up to this summer!


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