The Adventures of Emrys (and Oliver)

Emrys’ boyfriend, Oliver, got a haircut last week! And I discovered exactly how superficial Emrys really is! She either didn’t recognize Oliver or didn’t like his new ‘do, because she wanted absolutely nothing to do with him. She growled and hissed at him, and when he came close to give her a kiss, she slapped him in the face.

photo 1

She didn’t go anywhere near Oliver for two whole days, but I left my door open while I was at work so she could decide on how much distance she wanted from him. I figured that if I let her roam around the house with Oliver like usual, then she could either approach him at her own pace and get re-acquainted with him, or she could find somewhere to hide from him.

After two days of that, I finally came home to find them nuzzling and playing tag together like usual! I’m so happy they made up! It would have been a really awkward household if they hadn’t… sides would have been formed, doors would remain shut at odd hours, meal times would have to be changed…. oh man. Seriously, thank god they made up!

Anyway, Oliver is actually going to be moving house in about a month, so Emrys will go back to being an only cat again. I know that she’ll miss Oliver (as will I), but I’m sure it will be good for her to have all the attention fully back on her, as well.

photo 2

I mentioned two weeks ago how I bought Emrys a pack of her favorite toy- sparkly, fuzzy balls. She has lost 3 out of 4 of them as of this morning… there’s a very good chance that the 4th one will be missing by the time I get home tonight. She has been very fond of her toys lately. She has this one long feather toy that she just adores. She’ll put it in her mouth and walk around the house with it dragging on the floor behind her. She actually pulled it into the bed with us last night and cuddled with it (instead of me) all night long.

I also splurged and bought some new makeup this weekend, and Emrys decided that I bought it all for her. She batted my lipstick and mascara all around my room while I was trying to get ready for work on Tuesday morning, then she tried to eat my concealer. Maybe she’s just trying to tell me that I don’t need make-up… that I’m gorgeous without it!

It’s been SO hot in the apartment lately, too. Summer is definitely right around the corner. Poor Em has been so hot because we don’t have an AC conditioner yet (getting one in two weeks! YAY!) so she’s been sleeping on the wooden floor, where it’s much cooler, or under the bed, where’s it’s dark. She did crawl into the bed for a little while last night, but she’s mostly just trying to stay cool, poor thing 😦 We are both not fans of this heat! And it’s only the beginning… -sigh-

photo 4  photo 3  photo 5

(Seriously, guys. We are not about this heat)


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