My Week in NYC

Good morning! Happy Friday! And happy 3 day weekend (aka Memorial Day weekend)!

I’m doing something a bit different for my week in NYC today! Instead of writing about all the fun stuff I got up to, I made a video so you guys can get a little peek into what I get up to in my day to day life!

I didn’t step one foot out of my way to film any of this footage- everything in this video is stuff that I see every day while getting from Point A to Point B. This is what I get up to with my friends, it’s all the fun things I can do and get involved with in this wonderful city, and it’s what I see on lunch, walking to work, meeting up with friends, and just hanging around.

I hope you guys enjoy the view! I know I do!

(Disclaimer: Sorry the video is so small! Next time I film for you guys, I’ll do it all horizontally)


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