Be Healthy, Mentally and Physically

With summer quickly approaching, I feel like this is an important discussion to have. In the strive to get a “perfect bikini-body,” be sure to be healthy! Don’t overdo it. Instead of crash-dieting or doing 30 days of an extreme work-out, set out to live a healthy day to day life.

I know so many people who obsess over their weight or dress size or getting the perfect bikini body, and it’s just not healthy to be so wrapped up and consumed in it. Physical appearance is not everything, and more often than not, you’re the only one who really notices your weight. So many people say to me all the time “I look so fat. I want to lose 15 more pounds. I hate my weight, etc.” And I’m just sitting there looking at them like, “I don’t see it… you look fine to me.” You’re going to be more self-conscious and self-aware of your body than anyone else, and there’s just no need to be.

Rule #1: Treat yourself!

It’s hot outside. If the heat is making you tired and you want to lay around for a little while and take a nap or read a book in front of the AC, then do it! If you want an ice cream, have an ice cream. Just don’t overdo it. Don’t sleep all day- balance the rest with getting up and moving around and exercise. Don’t stop at the ice cream truck every day. It’s all about portion control and maintaining a healthy diet on a constant basis. If you’re eating healthy foods and cooking your own foods more often than not, then treating yourself to a small dessert or ordering take-out every now and then won’t hurt a thing! It’s possible to give in to your cravings and treat yourself every now and then if you’re eating healthy on the regular.

Rule #2: Find something active to do that you enjoy!

I hate the gym. Well, no, that’s a lie. I don’t hate the gym itself. I hate the process of going to the gym, walking home from the gym after an exhausting work-out, and having to shower afterwards even though I’m too tired to. So I try to make do with my surroundings. Exercise shouldn’t feel like a chore.  Dance around your apartment for half an hour to a kick-ass playlist every day. Set your lunges and crunches and planks and push-ups to an awesome soundtrack that gets your blood pumping. Go for a walk through a gorgeous park or neighborhood. Join a kickboxing class to let out all of your stress over work. Find something that you look forward to and stick with it. Work-outs like P90X are fine- they work… but only for 90 days. What happens when the program is over and you’re not working out every day anymore? All the weight you lost comes right on back. Which is why it’s so important to incorporate activity into your day to day life, so that it becomes a lifestyle instead of a short-term challenge.

Rule # 3: Most importantly, be healthy mentally.

Don’t stand on a scale every day. Don’t measure your waist. Don’t freak out if your jeans feel a little tight one day. We’re human. The body fluctuates. You put on weight as your gain muscle. If you’re a woman, you have curves! And that’s ok! Just focus on being healthy and happy. Don’t obsess over weight because there are too many other things you can do with your day and occupy your mind with. Strive to just be happy. This includes doing what you love, doing what makes you happy, and treating yourself well. This is the only life you get, this is the only body you get, and this is the only soul you get, so embrace it, rock it, go with it, and make it the best it can possibly be.


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