I am SO late to this party! It’s not even funny. But here I am, better late than never!

About a year ago, I came across a random video on my dashboard on tumblr of these two girls getting engaged. Everyone was crying and freaking out in the notes so I thought I would watch it. Those two girls were so sweet and in love and adorable and funny and I cried and laughed without even knowing anything about them. Those two girls turned out to be Rose and Rosie. (Rose Ellen Dix and Rosie Sporton)

Not only are they everything a couple should strive to be (at least from what we see on Youtube), but they are super hilarious. I instantly began binge-watching all of their videos.

Like this one:

And this one!

And then I actually met them when they came to NYC for a meet-and-greet!


And that is how the youtube obsession began.

I was never a “youtuber” before Rose and Rosie. I’m a blogger all the way. I did tumblr. I love twitter. And I binge-watch Netflix like nobody’s business. But these girls were just hilarious and I was blown away that this was a thing that people do- they upload videos onto the internet on the regular and actually can get paid to do this with enough subscriptions. Like, there are loads of people who do this! A whole community of vloggers!

One of the youtubers that Rose and Rosie frequently mentioned in their videos was Miranda Sings. Not gonna lie- the first time I typed Miranda Sings into the search bar on youtube, I immediately slammed my computer shut because I was freaked out. But once you get past the scary make-up, she’s hilarious! Miranda Sings is a spoof on people who upload videos of themselves singing on Youtube and are really terrible but have no idea and think that they’re actually really talented. And that’s Miranda in a nutshell.

See for yourself!

Which brings me to Zoella! (aka, Zoe Sugg). I actually first discovered Zoe because I was on Goodreads and a book called Girl, Online came up in my recs, written by Youtuber Zoella! So I bought the book and googled Zoella… And became completely obsessed. She is gorgeous and flawless and has amazing beauty tips and is just so quirky and adorable!

Through Zoella, I discovered her brother, Joe Sugg, his roommate, Caspar Lee, and her boyfriend, Alfie Deyes! All of whom are just absolutely adorable!

Alfie vlogs daily, as well as weekly. A lot of his videos now are collaborations with Zoella, or feature Zoella, since they are now living together, but he does a lot of solo vlogs, too. Either way, he’s great! But, because he and Zoe are adorable together, here’s one of his videos starring both of them (from before they were actually dating!)

Then we have Caspar and Joe, who are in this never-ending prank war that I CRACK UP watching.

First up: Joe Sugg

Next: Caspar Lee

The return of Joseph Sugg:

And Caspar again!

They’re both still at it:

Alfie and Joe collaborate sometimes, too!

As do Zoella and Caspar!

It’s great fun for everyone!

Finally, we have the holy trinity:

Grace Helbig (who now has her own talk show on television!)

Hannah Hart

And Mamrie Hart (no relation to Hannah)

These girls collaborate a lot, as well!

These three hilarious girls are going on tour soon to do a live comedy show. Mamrie is also releasing her first book, You Deserve a Drink, in just over a week! Hannah has a book, too! And so does Grace! And they made a movie together called Camp Takota, which is now available on Netflix! So basically, they’re all kinds of amazing.

You guys, it was so hard picking out videos to put in this post, because everyone I just listed is so amazing and has such a broad variety of videos! Like, you can’t pick just one to showcase what their channels are really like. So, maybe after watching the little glimpses above, you’ll be intrigued like I was and do a bit of binge-watching of your own. And then you’ll never look back…

You’re welcome!


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