Game of Thrones: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

I don’t know about you guys, but that episode left me feeling pretty broken… HBO, you lose one point for that terrible title.

Just… wow… that ending. I… wow. That was difficult. That was just… so messed up. I had to take a few minutes after the episode ended to just recover. I was thrilled when Sansa stood up to Ramsey’s lover, Miranda. THAT was the Sansa I have been waiting for- fierce, unafraid, strong, brave… and then that ending happened. With Theon/Reek watching. Disgusting. I was sitting there waiting for Theon to come back to himself and just stop Ramsey, and I’m so disappointed that he didn’t.

I know a lot of viewers were disgusted with the ending of that episode, as they rightly should be, but a lot of viewers are saying that was the final straw and GoT went too far and they wouldn’t be watching anymore, to which I’m a bit confused. Obviously, rape is terrible content. It’s difficult to watch and it’s horrific, and having a “family” member present to watch it makes it even worse than it already was. But the act was perfectly in line with the character of Ramsey- I would expect nothing less from such a cruel and demented character. It is also not the first time we have seen a beloved character raped- Daenerys suffered the same fate in season 1. So yes, it was disgusting and terrible and super messed up, but I’m not surprised by it at all.

I felt like Sansa’s rape could be paralleled to Daenerys’ on her wedding night in season 1- and that act ended up serving as an inciting incident for her. It changed her, and she has since risen to power. I believe that act may have been the last straw for Sansa- it may be her inciting incident, as well, and cause her to finally seek her revenge and rise to power, like we have all been hoping and waiting for. In the meantime, however, my heart breaks for her, just as it did for Daenerys. And I am sorely disappointed in Theon for not standing up to Ramsey.

Margaery… I told you that you were playing a risky game. And Cersei.. I loathe you. I knew something bad would come of this game they were playing, trying to one-up the other, and I knew that Cersei shouldn’t be messed with, even though I loved seeing Margaery knock her down a notch or two. But, alas, all good things come to an end. Margaery has barely sat on the throne and it looks like her reign could be coming to an end already. Except! Her grandmother. That woman is everything I could ever hope to be, and I hold on hope that she will be able to resolve this and take care of Cersei once and for all.

The Hall of Faces was about as cool as I expected it to be. I had a hunch that they were doing something to that extent with all the corpses, so it was really cool seeing it come to be. I’m not really sure what’s going on with Arya’s story line anymore, or how it’s relevant to the game of thrones, but I’m still intrigued, so I’m eager to see what happens next! She’s still my favorite character, after all.

As far as Tyrion and Jorah, I just need them to get to Daenerys. Like, 3 weeks ago. Let’s hurry that along, please! And the whole storyline in Dorne is just a big yawn to me. -shrug- But yet, I’m still eager for next week’s episode! Who knows what will happen next?!


One thought on “Game of Thrones: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

  1. Although the Sansa storyline was horrifying, it’s a better adaptation of the books (and by that, I mean an adaptation of Theon’s story, really) then the somewhat lackluster stuff going on in Dorne.

    The Dorne stuff from the books was very, very interesting.

    Maybe Bronn will eventually get to sing the last part of the Dornishman’s Wife, though.


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