My Week in NYC

Last week ended with a bang! I went out with some old friends/co-workers in SoHo and had a raving good time! We hit up a bar and played pool and talked for hours and just had a wonderful night out. It was a blast! Which resulted in me staying in all weekend afterwards to recover. I binge-watched movies all weekend. I found a really great documentary called Sexy Baby on Netflix and the youtube indie film, Camp Takota, which then led me to marathon watch Youtube videos for like, 7 hours on Sunday. I am following a LOT of youtubers now… I’ll write a post up about my favorites soon.

I did something SO COOL on Tuesday after work.

IMG_7393 IMG_7380

Yeah… I met Jeremy Piven in character as Ari Gold (from Entourage, for those of you who aren’t HBO fans). It was as hilarious as it sounds. I saw via Twitter that he would be at the bookstore doing some publicity and the event was free to the public and pretty much right down the street. So I just headed down there at 5 and I’m so glad I did! It was great!

Wednesday I saw Darren Criss as Hedwig on Broadway.

IMG_7421  IMG_7217


I went to the show to see Darren, but I was disappointed, because Darren Criss was nowhere on that stage. Instead, I got a performance by the fabulous Hedwig. She is FIERCE and I loved every second of it. I didn’t know what to expect from the show, seeing as I had never heard the soundtrack and knew nothing of the story- I knew it involved the actors dressing in drag and I knew the character Hedwig had a botched sex change. And that was it. But whatever I thought I was getting into, it was NOT that. The performance and songs and story were all absolutely amazing. Hedwig is the only character with lines in the entire show. An hour and a half of monologue and solos… just, wow. Amazing! What a feat! Darren should be so proud of himself, especially since he killed it despite following in the footsteps of Neil Patrick Harris, John Cameron Mitchell, and Andrew Rannells.

Some asshole almost ran me over with his car. Which, let’s be honest, happens at least once a week. The light with the walking person on it means I have the right of way, drivers! When you’re turning into the intersection, how about you open your eyes and LOOK first! There’s a thought! New York, man…

I’m finishing off my day with a picnic with some good friends in Central Park! And I’m doing the AIDS Walk on Sunday! So excited! I plan on taking it easy tomorrow, though. I’m exhausted from all the excitement lately and just need a day in to recover.

I hope you’re all having a lovely and happy Friday, and have a great weekend ahead of you!


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