The Adventures of Emrys

I celebrated my first Mother’s Day with Emrys on Sunday! I hope all you other pet parents were treated as well by your babies as I was by Em. She woke me up with kisses and cuddles and was so sweet all day! I felt spoiled!

IMG_7354 IMG_7335

We played hard this week. I was nursing a pretty hardcore hangover on Saturday, so I didn’t leave the house, or my bed, for much of the day. Which meant that I spent pretty much the whole day playing with Em. I bought her a new feather toy and some of her favorite sparkly balls on Friday and she was SO excited to break them out.


Emrys: “Mom! Did you see where my feather went?! It was just here!”
Oliver: “…Do I tell her?”

She actually went digging through the shopping bag, managed to open the container with the balls in them, and pulled them out to play. I had to scold her, though, because she loves these balls, but she always loses them after just a few hours, and I would like this set to last for at least a few weeks before I have to go out and buy some more. So the rule is she gets one at a time. But, of course, as soon as she lost one ball, she went straight back to the shopping bag and pulled out another one. I ended up having to hide the bag, but I’m sure while I’m at work she’ll manage to find them again.

Em passed out hard on Saturday night (as did I) after a long day of playing tag with Oliver and breaking in her new toys. She has been so sweet and super cuddly, despite the warm weather… or maybe because of it. It’s pretty hot and muggy, so I know all I feel like doing when I get home is lying in front of the fan and sleeping.

IMG_7351 IMG_7353

Emrys got her head stuck between the glass window pane and the window screen a few nights ago. It would have been funny if it didn’t happen in the middle of the night. She woke me up meowing and I was like, “what? What do you need right now that can’t wait until morning?” And then I looked over to where her meows were coming from and her face was smushed up against the glass window pane where she had managed to wedge herself and get stuck, so I had to go pull her out. She’s such a weirdo.


Totally asked Em to smile for this picture and the loser gave me this face instead.

I’ve started working on the video for you guys of Em just being… herself. I showed my mom a rough (and I mean rough) draft of the first minute or so of the video and it had her crying with laughter, so hopefully it will be a real treat! I think it’s pretty adorable and funny, but I’m a bit biased. Maybe I’ll have the video ready for you this time next week. We’ll have to see how much time I have to work on it this weekend 🙂


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