My Week in NYC

Unfortunately, not every week can be as exciting as last week was. But I still think I had a pretty great week this week. It was a bit insane, but good!

A week ago today I met Noel Fisher. So there’s that. And I’m still not even remotely over it.

And there’s a new Princess! Whose name I correctly guessed… all three of them.


Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, welcome to the world! (I definitely got a pink mani/pedi to celebrate).

It was wine and cheese day at work on Monday, and we got cupcakes, too, because why not?! Free wine, cheese and cupcakes is always a reason to celebrate. And it was 80 degrees on Monday! Hurray for Spring! I went to Bryant Park (are you seeing a pattern here?) for lunch and almost couldn’t make it back to work it was so beautiful. Thank god for free wine or else they might not have seen me again until Tuesday.

But, where there are ups, there are always down. For example, I have a pretty intense bacterial ear infection. I won’t get into details, because ew. But I’m on loads of antibiotics and painkillers. I left work early on Tuesday to go to the doctor and get it checked out, and I’ve been pretty grumpy since then because I’ve been in constant pain. But at least I’m on medicine for it now and am getting better!

Work was pretty killer this week, too. Monday and Tuesday were pretty slow… I mostly worked on the blog, browsed Twitter, and took quizzes on Buzzfeed. But then the office got crazy (and I mean seriously crazy. Some of my co-workers stayed until 3:30 in the morning trying to get stuff done). So working hard and sleeping hard were what took up most of my week. My week was super eventful and busy, but not with anything you probably want to hear about. (Sorry I’m so boring) But I will say that the major plus-side to my job is the roof access on the building.

                   empire       empire2

Pretty great view, don’t you think?

I may have to alternate eating lunch in Bryant Park and the roof. Because the view from Bryant Park is pretty nice, too.

bryant park

Tonight I’m going out to celebrate a friend’s last day at his job/start of his new job. It should be a good time! I’m a bit stressed, though, because I forgot my phone at home today. I think I may be going through actual withdrawals right now.

Next weekend, I have a lot of fun things going on- one of which is the AIDS Walk. If you’re in NYC, you should definitely join me. You can sign up here to participate. But, if you’re not in NYC, you should sponsor me! My goal is to raise $100!

Finally, a friendly reminder, Mother’s Day is on Sunday! Be sure to show some love to your mom/grandmother/mother-figure/whoever. Hi mom!!!! Love you!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend! I’ll be back tomorrow with your weekend playlist.


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