The Adventures of Emrys: Life of a Diva Supermodel

All you have to do is look at one picture of my gorgeous girl and you’ll know that she was born to #werk. Emrys is a supermodel and she knows it! Em has been practicing her posing all week long. She LOVES posing for the camera! Any time I pull out my phone, she starts striking poses and sits perfectly still. She’s the perfect model- no joke. She always looks right at the camera and holds the pose until I get the picture and tell her it’s ok to move. It blows me away- she’s always been like this since I got her. She knows how cute she is and she’s ready for fame!

image (11) image (8)

And in full diva mode, she threw another tantrum and teepee’d the bathroom… again. And, again, I forgot to take a picture before cleaning it up. -sigh-

It was pretty hot last night, and in NYC, once it gets hot, it get HOT. Central AC isn’t really a thing up here, and the afternoon sun shines right through my window, which faces the back of the house, so it doesn’t get a breeze, either. You do the math. So I pulled out my portable fan last night and Miss Emrys decided I had gotten it out just for her. While I tossed and turned in the heat all night, trying desperately to get cool, Em plopped down directly in front of the fan, blocking the cool air and enjoying it all for herself. What’s hers is hers and what’s mine is hers.

image (7)

On Friday night, after I met Noel Fisher, I couldn’t sleep. I finally took a sleeping pill at 6 AM, but I was way too worked up and excited from meeting Noel so I was up allllll night- and Emrys was SO excited! She was thrilled for our sleepover and cuddled with me all night long, laying on my chest and purring and purring and purring. She didn’t leave my side the entire time I was awake.

photo (2)

This past weekend Em scared the crap out of me when, in a moment of extreme hyperactivity, she threw herself at the window screen and popped it out of the window. She clung to the window screen, which started tilting out over the fire escape. I flew across the room and grabbed her and pulled her back inside. She didn’t even try to escape- I think she was too shocked that she was suddenly outdoors. Thank god the entire screen didn’t pop out… it just tilted out of the window a bit. Still scared me! And, of course, Emrys just walked away like nothing even happened. Go figure. I’m thinking about making a video montage of all the crazy things she gets up to like this. Every now and then I get lucky and catch her on camera. I’ll get to work on that for you guys 🙂

image (12) image (13)

As far as fun stories with her and Oliver, I don’t really have much to report on this week. She’s finally calmed down a bit after her burst of energy from getting her cast off, and she and Oliver have been pretty well-behaved all week. She’s just been super cute and I’ve gotten so many adorable pictures of her! It’s been so hard to leave the house for work every morning this week, because she’s just so sweet and cuddly in the mornings! I wish I could take her with me to work!!! Oh well- not much longer until the weekend. Two days straight of uninterrupted cuddles. We both love it!


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