Book Recommendations

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a huge book nerd. I’m pretty much always reading. It’s a great escape from the world and it’s a wonderful way to relax after a long day or ease yourself to sleep at night or kill time on the subway on the way to and from work. I feel like I can live 100 different lives and learn more than school could ever teach me just from reading. Books are fun, educational, informational, thrilling, heart-breaking… the list goes on and on. I always say that if you don’t like to read, you just haven’t found the right book yet.

There are so many amazing books out there and I’d love to share with you guys some of my favorites that I’ve read recently. If you haven’t read these, definitely check them out. And if you have read them, comment below with your thoughts on them! I love discussing books with fellow bibliophiles!

  1. Gracefully Grayson: Wonderful representation of a transgender teen. Especially relevant following Bruce Jenner’s interview, if you had questions or wondered what he might have gone through (everyone’s story is different, of course. But this book has great insight). It’s informative, honest, raw, and just so, so important. I read this book for book club, and we’ll be discussing it in a few weeks. I can’t wait to hear what everyone else thinks about it.
  2. The Girl on the Train: A lot of people told me that if I liked Gone Girl (which, btw, I didn’t just like. I LOVED), then I would like this. I’m afraid I have to tell all of those people that they’re wrong. This book was not nearly as twisted or mysterious as Gone Girl and it shouldn’t be compared to it. It can’t really compete. But it was good. I’ll definitely give it that. If you enjoy mysteries and have a soft spot for unreliable narrators or plot twists, give this book a read.
  3. I’ll Give You the Sun: Favorite book of 2015. Hands down. I’m already calling it. The voice of this book alone is just… I don’t have words. The language and writing and voice and narration was so quirky and beautiful. This book is on it’s own level above all other YA books. It was different from anything I’ve ever read before.
  4. All the Bright Places: This book was such an honest and beautiful depiction of a terrible disease. It addresses a tough issue- mental illness is an actual illness. It just is, and acting like it’s a taboo issue or pretending it will just go away doesn’t help anything. Such an educational and important book!
  5. Jurassic Park: Confession time- I haven’t even finished this book. (I know, right? It’s 2015 and I still haven’t read it! I’m ashamed). But my god, this book is amazing. I’ve already seen the movie, obviously. I know what happens. But the book still manages to be suspenseful, frightening, and intense. I’m hooked.
  6. Pride and Prejudice: Favorite book of all time. I read it every year.
  7. The Once and Future King: Tied as my other favorite book of all time. Most meaningful book I’ve ever read.

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