Meeting Noel Fisher

So I’ve been talking about wanting to meet Noel Fisher for weeks, and when it happened I was so freaked that I just posted a picture on here instead of telling you guys the story of how it all went down. So here is the much overdue story of how I came to meet Noel Fisher, and how amazing and nice he was during the whole interaction.

To get some background to my wanting to meet Noel, I watched my first episode of Shameless after stumbling upon and reading a random interview with Noel Fisher in which he talked about his character, Mickey. I thought, ‘wow… that is the most interesting, complex, fascinating character I’ve ever read about.’ So I watched an episode of Shameless. And Noel didn’t disappoint. Mickey Milkovich quickly became one of my favorite characters on television, let alone on Shameless. I couldn’t get enough. So when I heard that Noel would be filming TMNT2 in NYC, I knew that I had to meet him and tell him how much I love his character. He’s so talented and incredible and such an amazing actor and I just really wanted to meet this person that I admire so much.

I began tracking the TMNT2 production and where they would be filming each night. They filmed their first outdoor scene right by my work, but only Megan Fox and Stephen Amell were on set those days. They moved filming down to Grand Central and some other spot further down in Manhattan, but again, it was just Megan Fox- no turtles. (Noel Fisher is reprising his role as Mikey in the movie). On Thursday morning, I got on Twitter and saw that Noel had posted a picture from LAX, so I figured he had left NY and must have just filmed his stuff in the studio instead of on location, since they’ll be using CGI for his character. So I stopped following the production.

Alas, when I got on Twitter on Friday morning, there were pictures of Noel, outside, in Brooklyn, filming the movie. Go figure. Turns out he was flying OUT of LAX. So I made up for lost time and spent pretty much the entire day tracking where they would be filming next. I finally learned that they would be filming in the same location on Friday night that they did on Thursday, which indicated to me that they would probably be continuing the same scene from the night before, which was all the confirmation I needed that Noel would be back on set.

At 5 PM on Friday, I ran out of work, caught the subway to Brooklyn, and tracked down the set signs indicating where they would be filming. I finally found the street with all the cast trailers, which they label by the character’s names. Of course, Mikey’s trailer was last, so I had to pass Raph, Leo, and Donny’s trailers first. I was so excited by the time I reached Mikey’s. I took a seat on the curb outside his trailer and began my wait. It wasn’t my proudest moment, but I bonded with the guy who drove his trailer to set, Bob.

After about an hour and a half of waiting, Noel came strolling up with his dinner and headphones on and dots on his face for the turtle magic and all that (I couldn’t figure out what the dots were at first. I was like, ‘are those freckles? Is that dirt? What is that?’). I awkwardly stood up and called out to him, and we had this awkward moment of him realizing I was there for him and me not knowing how to approach him, plus he had headphones on, so I didn’t even know if he could hear me and just OMG I was so awkward. But he was really sweet and didn’t acknowledge my awkwardness.

I shook his hand and told him my name and that I had just really wanted to meet him and that he was my favorite on Shameless. Everything I had planned to say in my head just flew away the second I saw him and I just blubbered on awkwardly and it was so painful but he was just so nice and sweet and didn’t mind that I was basically just mumbling incoherently at him. I realize that he is just a person, but he is just so freaking talented that I was completely intimidated. Like, this is the guy who plays Mickey Milkovich. I just…. Ugh. I forgot how to talk.

I asked Noel if he would mind taking a picture with me and apologized if it was weird since he had dots all over his face. He smiled and agreed to the picture. So I called Bob over to take it. I introduced Noel to Bob and told him that Bob had driven his trailer there today. He laughed and shook Bob’s hand and thanked him.

While Bob was taking the picture, he told Noel that I had been waiting a long time to meet him so I joked that no one needed to know that. Noel finished smiling for the picture then cracked up. So we took the picture and I turned to Noel and looked him in the eye and said “please tell me you’ll be back for Shameless.” Sadly, he said he didn’t know yet. -sobs in a corner-

I told him again that he was my favorite character and I really hoped he would come back to the show, then told him Mikey was always my favorite turtle too, so he was pretty awesome. He smiled and said “yeah! I get Mickey AND Mikey!”

After that I told him again it was great to meet him, and he gestured toward his trailer so we parted ways. He was so nice! You guys, Noel is in a different league of actors. He is just so amazingly talented and he was so nice and friendly even though I caught him on set on his way to eat in his trailer. He could have turned me away, but he took the time to meet me and smile and thanked me and it was just so surreal. He’s such a great guy.

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