Game of Thrones: Sons of the Harpy

Wow. Last night’s Game of Thrones was a BIG episode. So many questions answered, and so many new questions arising. But first, I just have to rub it in… I WAS RIGHT ABOUT JORAH TAKING TYRION TO SEE DAENERYS!

From the second Jorah kidnapped Tyrion, I decided that there was no way he would take him to Cersei. I said that Daenerys is the only Queen Jorah recognized and he would want to take Tyrion to her in order to regain her favor. But when I told all of my friends that, they argued that Jorah would take Tyrion to Cersei because he had nowhere else to go and it would grant him a pardon again that he initially refused. So then I started worrying and I was confused and I didn’t know what to think anymore, but I should have just ignored them because I WAS RIGHT! HA!

Ok. Gloating over. But the second I saw Jorah toss Tyrion onto the boat, I knew he was off to see Daenerys, thanks to the promo pics for this season of Tyrion standing on the helm of a boat with Drogon soaring above him. I feel ashamed for ever doubting it.

And Jorah will surely be welcomed back by Daenerys, now that her trusty adviser is dead. They might as well have declared “make way for Jorah and Tyrion. The Queen is hiring a new adviser!” So sad to see Ser Barristan killed off, but was proud to see him go down fighting, just as he always intended to die. He died defending royalty, a privilege he thought he had lost when he was dismissed from the Kingsguard because of old age. I don’t know about you, but I thought he fought brilliantly for an “old man.” He died honorably, which is all he ever wanted. Now Grey Worm, on the other hand… he had better not be dead! I feel like there’s still more to his story!

As I stated last week, Margaery is playing a dangerous game with Cersei, which I think she is finally starting to realize. Her brother, Ser Loras, was arrested by the religious cult in King’s Landing (seriously, I’m so tired of these Sparrow guys… can we just off them already? Them and the Sons of the Harpy). Cersei feigned innocence and left the young King not knowing what to do. I have a terrible feeling that this is just the start of a long war between Cersei and Margaery… I’m terrified of what will happen next.

Over at the wall, I’m confused as fuck. “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” WHAT. THE. FUCK. What is Melisandre playing at?! She’s just… ugh! I have no words! Thank God he didn’t sleep with her though, because we don’t need any more shadow figures running around killing people.


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