My Week (of celebrity sightings) in NYC

This week was the week of celebrity sightings, apparently.

It all started on Sunday, when I decided the weather was too nice to stay cooped up indoors, so I decided to go shopping in SoHo. I stopped by a pet adoption near Union Square, where I bumped into Emma Kenney (Debbie on Shameless). Apparently, Amanda Seyfried was there, too, but I didn’t see her. I didn’t say anything when I saw her because she was there with what looked like her mom and some friends, plus she’s like, 16, so it’s weird. But it was still pretty cool! I wanted to be like, “Wow! I watched you grow up! You’re adorable!”


(I didn’t take this pic- Emma posted it to her instagram. But I was there! Haha).

On Monday night, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 with Megan Fox and Stephen Ammell started their outdoor filming 4 blocks from work (what did I tell you guys? I told you that Noel Fisher was in NY and that someone needed to point me in the right direction and now his movie is practically filming outside my work… I’m so close, you guys! I can feel it!). The cast trailers were one block from my office- I stumbled upon them while on lunch, so that was pretty cool. Rumor has it they’re moving on down to Canal street this weekend, so I’ll keep you guys posted as I continue to stalk follow this production…

I performed on Good Morning America on Tuesday morning. I “vogued” with Josh Groban, did the MC Hammer with Michael Strahan and then joined in a flash mob performance with Youtube hit Judson Laipply.

Hey mom! I’m on TV!

The way a flash mob in NYC works is that we get an email with the date of the flash mob. If you’re free, then you can register. Once you register, you will receive an email with a few more details, such as the choreography and exact time of rehearsal and performance. If it still looks good to you, you re-confirm. They then email you the location to rehearse, but still usually won’t tell you what the event is for. It’s all very hush-hush top secret. For this particular flash mob, I knew that it was a performance on GMA and that the call time was 5 AM… and that’s it. It wasn’t until I arrived on set that I learned we were dancing with Judson for a segment on Youtube. I also didn’t know that Josh Groban was going to be the guest and that we would get to watch him perform.

After two hours of rehearsal, staging and blocking, we were ushered upstairs to the green room overlooking Times Square.

image (5)

They had coffee and snacks to keep us occupied, and we got a glimpse into the Production room, which was pretty fascinating for me, from a Media and Film degree perspective.

At 7:30, we made our way outside to get set up.

image (6)

(click on this image. It makes it 1000x prettier)

Before the actual performance, we filmed a quick promo with Judson and Josh, for which we were directed to, and this is an exact quote, “Vogue with Josh Groban.” Before the cameras rolled, I paused and reflected and realized that my whole life was leading to this. This was what I was born to do. It was so much fun! Even though I ended up being exhausted at work all day after…

image (4) image (3)

During lunch on Tuesday, I made my way to Bryant Park and was stopped by a film crew. Now, remember, TMNT2 had just wrapped in the exact same spot the night before, so when they stopped me and asked if they could have a second of my time, it definitely caught my attention. Sadly, they didn’t know Noel Fisher (that I know of). Turns out they were with a website called Upworthy and wanted to interview me. They asked me questions about privacy issues and the government… who knows if they’ll use any of my footage, because I definitely quoted Batman at them -facepalm-, but if they use me, I’ll be sure to link you guys to the video! Also, let this be a reminder to you all that this is why I write instead of Youtube. Because when I write, I make sense. When I talk, I quote Batman to prove a political point/argue for privacy from the government.

Wednesday, Darren Criss opened on Broadway with Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I ran by the theater after work (it’s like, 5 blocks from my office. It was a no-brainer decision) and there was a line of people already waiting to get into the theater (which is dumb, because doors open at 7 and it was 5:30, and you already have a ticket, so…). I already bought my ticket with some of my tax return money (treat yo’self!), so I’ll be seeing him in 2 weeks, but I just couldn’t wait to see him on the marquee!

image (2)


So Wednesday night I was watching an episode of Newsroom and it was a scene with Don and Sloan getting out of a cab to go to work at ACN. As they got out of the cab, I realized, “That’s my Starbucks! That’s the gazebo at Bryant Park! That’s 6th Avenue!” I recognized it because it is a street I walk every day, Monday through Friday. It’s where I work. Turns out, the fictional ACN office location is 4 1/2 blocks from my work (and just 1 1/2 short blocks from HBO headquarters), on the same avenue. So, of course, during lunch on Thursday, I went to scope it out. And I pretty much found it immediately- wasn’t too hard. The entrance to “ACN” on the show looked pretty cool, so it would have been hard to forget. I knew the second I was in front of the building, and a peek inside confirmed it!

image (1)      image

And now it’s finally Friday! I’m posting this in the morning, so nothing too exciting has happened yet today. A woman was yelling to herself on the subway this morning, but I didn’t notice until I was getting off the train, because I’m reading Jurassic Park right now and am totally consumed in the book. #newyorklifestyle. However, The Blacklist is filming outside my work as I post this. Had to walk through all the equipment and whatnot to get to the office. Maybe I’ll check it out during lunch, if they’re still there.

Hope you all made it through the week ok and have an amazing, relaxing, fun weekend ahead of you! Cheers to the weekend!


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