Haters Gonna Hate hate hate hate hate…

I can’t really say it better than Taylor Swift, but I’m gonna try my best!

My advice to you this week is to steer clear of negativity.

People can be real assholes. It’s not really breaking news. People can be jerks and they can blame you for their problems and they can be rude and then call you out on having an “attitude problem” for getting upset when they’re mean. Like, yeah, of course I’ve got a bad attitude right now… you were just an asshole to me. Do you want me to sit here and fucking smile about it? Like, ‘thanks for being a dick! I really needed that today!’ Hell no!

You’ll encounter jerks in your workplace. They’ll talk down to you just because they’re in a position of power. They’ll treat you like you’re lesser, just because they can.

You’ll have roommates who are dumb. They’ll pay rent late and then blame the landlord for not being more flexible. They’ll be inconsiderate and loud and messy and no matter how much you ask for change, they’ll just ignore you.

You’ll encounter them on the street when you’re just trying to get to the subway. Guys will hit on you and get pissed when you ignore it, claiming that they’re just “paying you a compliment” and they don’t understand why we don’t appreciate it.

It’s unavoidable. People are assholes, and you’ll encounter them everywhere. So what do you do when you can’t steer clear of the hate? You know, I wish I had the answer to that, because it’s something that I struggle with a lot. It makes me angry and it makes me lash out. I don’t have a lot of patience for idiots and one of my biggest pet peeves that really sets me off is people blaming me for something I didn’t do, or refusing to accept responsibility or apologize. It’s tough, especially in a workplace, when someone is rude or hurtful and you can’t say anything back because your job could be at risk (which is hard for me to grasp- if they can be rude and get away with it, why can’t I be mean right back and also get away with it?!). But c’est la vie.

So I’m going to refer back to my first official post on this blog- fake it til you make it. Put on a smile. Kill them with kindness. I hate not being able to put people in their place, and I hate it when people have to have the last word- especially if their last word is WRONG. But sometimes, it’s unavoidable, so all you can do is ignore it. Don’t let it get to you. Don’t take it personally, because the people who are being assholes to you have some serious issues that have nothing to do with you. Nothing you change about yourself will change how they behave toward you. Just think of it this way- yeah, people can be jerks to you, but there are probably 10x more people who are nice to you, right? So the problem obviously isn’t you (unless the problem IS you, in which case- refer to my first post again. Rule #3: DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE). Focus on the positive people in your life. When someone is mean to me, I usually call up one of my friends, and they’re more than happy to validate my awesomeness 😉

Send positive vibes to people, trust karma to do it’s work, and rest easy knowing that you’re the better person. I know a lot of people refer to the saying “nice guys finish last.” Well, I say “fuck that.” Nice guys always finish first in my book. (Unless you’re Mickey Milkovich. He’ll always be first in my book, no matter what. Sorry not sorry).

And for those moments when you’re outside of work, just hanging out with friends or meeting new people, steer clear of negativity! Never allow it in your life if you can avoid it or do something about it. Get rid of the negative people in your life- you don’t owe them anything and you don’t need them bringing you down. Life’s too short and ain’t nobody got time for that!!!

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