The Adventures of Emrys

Emrys does not deserve a blog post this week because she has been misbehaving so much, but I won’t punish you guys for her bad behavior 😛

Miss Emrys has been very restless since getting her cast off. She couldn’t play much and had to stay locked in my room for 10 days straight so she wouldn’t further injure her tail by playing with Oliver or getting into something she shouldn’t (which she does more often than not).

So all of that pent-up energy basically exploded out of her… little did I know that she was a ticking time bomb. She was up alllllll night on Monday night/Tuesday morning. I had to kick her out of my room because she was scratching frantically at the door to go out an play. I normally just ignore her when she scratches at the door or cries, because I don’t want to encourage that kind of behavior by acknowledging it in any way, whether positive or negative, because what she really craves when she acts like that is attention, and the best way to get her to quit is ignore her so she’ll come slumping back to bed for cuddles. But I had an early morning the next morning and all my roommates were asleep and she was being REALLY loud, so I scolded her, then kicked her out. She came crying back at my door about an hour later when she realized absolutely nothing was going on outside in the living room and no one was awake to pet her, but I kept her locked out (Ha! Take that!). So, to make a point, she shredded a roll of toilet paper and teepee’d the bathroom. In hindsight, I really should have taken a picture…

I’ll give her one thing- she knows how to make a statement when she doesn’t get what she wants. And she always has to have the last word.

She’s been super energized, running laps and playing tag and hide and seek with Oliver and attacking her toys with fervor all week. I’ve been trying to play with her as much and as hard as I can when I get home from work, but I’m only one person!!!!! 😥

The point of this story is, I’m exhausted. I’m so happy Em is feeling better and has her energy back, but I need it to calm down a bit and get back to normal levels! Any tips?


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