My Week in NYC

WHY IS IT 40 DEGREES OUTSIDE?! Spring- get your shit together!

The first Street Market of the year in Queens happened on Saturday. It got me out of the house and into the nice, warm weather. I was happy to just get out and browse around.

photo 3

It was so gorgeous out that I made my way to the park and sat under the bridge and read until the sun set.

photo 1

Someone I follow on Twitter recently moved up here, and the first thing he did was post a picture of the sunset. I remember when I first moved here, that was one of the things that blew me away- the beauty of the sun setting over the New York City skyline. So I’m going to make a point to find a place to sit and watch the sun set again next week. It truly is a beautiful thing to behold.

It wasn’t all gorgeous weather this week, though. For the most part, it rained and rained and then rained some more. And in New York, that means you still walk everywhere; you just bring a change of clothes, shoes, and an extra umbrella, because yours WILL break. But when the rain finally stopped, flowers were starting to bloom! I can’t wait to make my way to Shakespeare Garden in Central Park soon! I want to remember this Spring to stop and enjoy the city more and remind myself why I fell in love with this gorgeous place in the first place.

David Tennant was apparently filming a tv show or movie in Union Square on Tuesday. I was at work, so I missed it, despite it just being two subway stops from my office. But that’s ok. Alert me when Matt Smith, Colin Morgan, or Noel Fisher make an appearance. I would so ditch work for that. (But seriously, according to twitter, Noel Fisher is in NYC right now. Not to sound like a stalker, but someone, for the love of god, point me in the right direction).

I watched The Normal Heart last weekend when my friend came over to hang out. First, we walked down to this great pizza place and sat outside, because the weather was just amazing. But she was on a mission to make me finally watch this movie, so we headed back indoors to have a good cry-fest. And MAN! What an important movie! I feel a bit silly being so late to the party. But better late than never, I suppose. I’ve since signed up for the AIDs Walk in May. This is such an important issue that could have gotten under control so much sooner if people had put their hate and homophobia aside and recognized that we are all just people on this planet, trying to survive. So I want to do my part and donate and participate in the AIDs Walk. If you’re in NYC this May, you should definitely join me.

So here’s a completely random and fictional scenario for you that has no resonance to my life and absolutely was not something that happened to me. Say you’re riding on a crowded subway, seated comfortably and reading your book. You’re completely surrounded, no way to stand up unless you’re leaving the subway. Nowhere to move. And as you’re reading, you notice something moving out of the corner of your eye. You glance down to your shoulder and realize that a giant-ass centipede rolly-polly bug has hitched a ride on your shirt. Now, you don’t panic, because it’s just a rolly-polly and, plus, you don’t want to draw attention to yourself. So what do you do? If you answered glance around the subway car to make sure no one is looking, then flick the bug off of you onto someone else, giving it some serious air, and thus making it their problem now, then you think like a New Yorker. Congratulations! (By the way, I asked a co-worker about this scenario and he had the same answer. I’ve done my research!)

And, as I promised last week, I will tell you both the good and the bad in NYC. So, I encountered a total creep in the city again this week. I was reading during my lunch break at Bryant Park. When my break was over, I packed up my bag, put my book away, and started the five block walk back to work. 3 blocks away from the park, some guy came up to me at the crosswalk while I was waiting for the light to change and asked me if I had finished my book and if I enjoyed it. So I was being creeped on while I was reading in the park. No surprise there. It happens, as much as I hate it. But the fact that he followed me from the park… YIKES! I ditched him before I made it to the office, thank god!

I also came to the realization that my life is super boring. Why oh why am I dedicating a post a week to my life in NYC?! Why do you guys read this?! Like seriously, this week I read a book, went shopping, and went to work. The end. The thing about living in New York is that I live here. I go to work, I sleep, I pay bills, I take it easy. The difference between living in New York and living somewhere else though, is that when I do go out, the possibilities are endless! So I guess I’ll just have to get out there and start doing more exciting things! I’ll start tonight by heading into the dreaded Times Square. Rumor has it that Darren Criss’ name is back up in lights! I want to go see his giant billboard for myself.

Stay tuned for more fun and adventure in real life NYC! (I promise, things will get more exciting).


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