The Adventures of Emrys

Emrys got her cast and cone off on Monday! Woohoo! I still have no idea how she broke her tail in the first place, but I’m so glad she’s feeling better now! And she is so excited to be able to run around and play like normal again (so excited, in fact, that she didn’t sleep last night. She just ran laps around the bedroom, so I kicked her out. Then she ran laps around the apartment and came back to my door and cried. So I let her back in. Then she did more laps around the bedroom. When I left for work this morning, she was doing laps around the apartment again…)

Em had pretty much accepted the fact that she would be wearing that cone for the rest of her life and was beginning to adjust pretty well to it, but man oh man is she happy to be free. She took a bath for like 3 hours Monday night when we got home from the vet. And, speaking of, she was SO good at the vet! Stick a thermometer up her butt? Whatever. Give her a shot? Ok, why not. Feel her over for lumps and bumps? Sure. I have never had a cat so chill at the vet before. I love how relaxed and sweet she is, and the vet LOVES her!.

Also, now that she doesn’t have this cast on anymore, I don’t have to lock her away from Oliver while I’m at work. She really missed her boyfriend, but I couldn’t risk him helping her take her cast off.

photo (7)

Em actually kept running away from me yesterday morning because she thought I was going to shut her up in my room again. I glanced behind me as I was leaving the apartment and she was looking at me in pure shock. I’m sure she’s having a blast right now with Oliver.

So, right, that’s a good lead-in to introducing you guys to the other cat in my apartment- Oliver. He loves to take care of Em, give her kisses, cuddle with her, and play hide and seek.

photo (10)

Em’s favorite thing to do is hide somewhere then jump out and scare him- it’s pretty hilarious. He’s a big old scared-y cat. He can also be a bit of a bully, and doesn’t seem to realize how fat he is, so sometimes when they’re wrestling I have to put him in time out because if I don’t then he would crush her. He’s learned, though, that when I call out his name, he’s in trouble and he goes slumping into his mom’s room for time out.

photo (8)  photo (9)

We made it through Em’s first thunder and lightning storm the other night. She LOVES the rain. She always sits post in the window and watches the rain fall (a cat after my own heart). The thunder didn’t seem to bother her at all, actually. She was too busy running laps around the room (as stated before).

Finally, two brown doves have built a nest outside my window on the fire escape. Which means Em has been sitting watch for about 5 days straight now. The obsession is starting to get a bit out of hand. Should I be worried? What’s funny is that she’s not trying to attack the birds or get to them. She’s just watching, curiously, trying to figure out what’s going on. I’m eager to see how she’ll react to the baby birds when they hatch. I’ll keep you posted (and take some pictures) 🙂


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