Have Mercy!

You’ve been waiting for it! You’ve been asking for it! And finally…


I had an entire post for you guys about my cat today, but then I got on Twitter this morning and saw the news- Netflix has ordered a Full House Revival for 2016!!!!! All is right with the world! (Don’t worry- I’ll post about Emrys tomorrow).

I hear that the 12 episode spin-off will feature a pregnant DJ, recently widowed (SO SAD) and with 3 boys of her own (sound familiar?), inviting Stephanie and Kimmy to live with her and help take care of her children.

John Stamos has been confirmed to be on the show and will also be a producer, but discussions are ongoing with many of the other cast members. Of course, I’m so excited to see “Uncle” Jesse return and would love a guest appearance by Mary Kate and/or Ashley Olsen. And if we could bring Steve back to the show, that would be great too because, honestly, he and DJ never should have broken up (STILL not over it!!!!! And yes, they got back together in the finale, so I’m just crossing my fingers that he’s not the dead spouse in this reboot).

In anticipation of this over-due revival, let’s go back to the good old days and revisit why we loved this show so much in the first place (and have continued to love it for the past 10 years)!

So here are 5 of the best Full House episodes/moments of all time, in no particular order. (I should say 5 of MANY. It was hard to choose)!

  1. Beach Boy Bingo- DJ wins 2 tickets to see The Beach Boys. She can’t decide who to give the extra ticket to, so she gives them both away. Jesse and Danny can’t accept her offer, so back to square one… Until they get a call from The Beach Boys themselves inviting EVERYONE to the show. God, I love the 90s.
  2. Aftershocks- Stephanie is scared of losing her dad after an Earthquake. Coming shortly after the loss of her mother, this episode was super touching and showed us how much Stephanie, Michelle, and DJ love their dad!
  3. Honey, I Broke the House- Stephanie crashes the car into the house. I mean, come on. No further explanation necessary.
  4. Shape Up- Full House was never afraid to talk about the tough issues. In this episode, DJ stops eating and exercises to the point of obsession, until she ends up passing out. In the end, her family helps her realize that she’s beautiful just how she is and that the important thing is to be healthy.
  5. Secret Admirer- Everyone in the house receives the same love note from Rusty, thinking it came from someone else. Hilarity ensues!.

BONUS!! The House Meets the Mouse- The Tanners take a trip to Disney World! It was fun getting to live vicariously through them. But the best part of the episode is when Steve (played by Scott Weinger) made a special appearance dressed up as Aladdin, a nod to his voice-work for the film Aladdin.

I can’t wait to see what the Tanners get up to next!


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