Game of Thrones: The House of Black and White

Game of Thrones made a spectacular return last week. The only things missing from the episode were Arya and Drogon. But they finally both made a much anticipated return in last night’s episode. And I wasn’t disappointed! Seriously, Drogon looks AMAZING.

Arya and Tyrion are my favorite characters on the show and I’m eager and excited to see where they go and how they grow this season. They were both left with this open next chapter to their lives last season- Tyrion on the run after killing his father and losing the trial by combat, proclaiming him guilty of murdering Joffrey (good riddance) and Arya finally free to go off on her own. I was fearful for Tyrion’s character this season- that he would constantly be on the run. And it looks like he will be, if the head of a dwarf brought to Cersei is any indication. But I am more than fine with him being on the run if his path leads to Daenerys.

It is more obvious than ever after last night’s episode that Daenerys, while a powerful, promising, intelligent ruler, is still just a young girl in serious need of some good council. She made a terrible decision last night that may seriously hurt her reputation and position of power that she has worked so hard to build. I always thought that Daenerys and Tyrion together would make an unstoppable team. As she said last night, she’s not a politician. She’s a Queen. Tyrion, on the other hand, is a politician. He knows how to play the game. So I’m going to need them to meet ASAP. They will be incredible together- two of the fiercest minds, combined with the force of dragons (if we can get the dragons under control again! Here’s hoping Tyrion will have some ideas on that front, too). Hopefully Tyrion will make it to her before it’s too late.

Arya made her first appearance of season 5 last night. Will it be that she will finally find her place, be able to settle down somewhere and build a life and identity for herself? She has been a drifter throughout the entire series, with only one thing on her mind- revenge. Now that she has finally made it to Braavos, perhaps she will receive the training she has always longed for, as well as the skills she needs to be a proper ruler, leader and fighter. She is one of the strongest characters on the show and I want to see that continue to grow and develop and be put to use!

And finally, over at the wall, Jon Snow is becoming the leader he was born to be, bastard or not. He turned down an offer to become a Stark, just because he felt he had to stay true to his word. Noble to the core, he’s one of the only male “Starks” that ever had any integrity, ironically enough. I’m happy to see him in a much-deserved position of power. Because we will definitely need him to lead the troops against the White Walkers. After all, winter is coming.


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