The Presidential Election: Round 1. (Rand Paul)

It happens every four years. No, I’m not talking about the Olympics (unfortunately). I’m talking about the Presidential Election for the United States of America.

Being a citizen of the United States, I obviously have strong opinions on politics. I have my own opinions on the candidates, but I’d like to step away from that for the moment. I’m sure further down the line, I’ll be posting some heated posts with my own personal opinions on what’s happening in the political campaign. But for now, I want to educate both myself and all of you guys on the candidates who are running for office. I want to put the facts out there, plain and simple, so we can all get a feel for who is running, and we can all form our own opinions from there.

We currently know of 4 people who are for sure running for President in 2016- 3 Republicans and 1 Democrat.

In blue, we have Former Secretary of State and First Wife, Hillary Clinton, taking a page out of Obama’s book and running a highly social-media based campaign.

In red, we have US Senator(s) Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio.

I’d like to start this first post off talking about one Mr. Rand Paul. Come on down!

Who is Rand Paul?

-Republican Libertarian-ish. Constitutional Conservative.
-Kentucky State Senator
-Supporter of the Tea Party Movement
-Son of Ron Paul, two-time former Presidential candidate and Republican Congressman
-Wants to run for Senate and President simultaneously. The law won’t let him, and he’s struggling to find a loop-hole.

Where does Rand Paul stand on certain issues?

  1. Gay Rights: Leave the issue to the states.
  2. Women’s Rights: No comment? But he did apparently make a joke about Hillary Clinton having too much baggage on her plane…?
  3. War: In favor of war if it’s justified
  4. Foreign Policy: Will stand by Israel. Supports military action against ISIS. Supports establishing permanent foreign military bases
  5. Abortion: 100% AGAINST. Pro-life all the way.
  6. Student loans/debt: Make it tax deductible. Wants to eliminate the Department of Education. Voted against the Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing ActComprehensive Student Loan Protection Act and the Student Loan Affordability Act.
  7. Healthcare: Fully intends to repeal Obamacare.
  8. Criminal Justice: Allow non-violent criminals the right to vote and hide their criminal record on a federal level
  9. Marijuana: Legalize medical marijuana
  10. Immigration: Strengthen the border to keep illegal immigrants out

What are the highlights of Rand Paul’s current campaign?

  1. Defending the 4th Amendment (right to privacy). “Your phone records are yours and not the government’s. It’s none of their damn business what you’re doing on your phone.”
  2. Defending the US from radical Islam. “If I were commander in chief I would do everything it takes to defend the country against radical Islam.”
  3. Defending the 2nd Amendment (right to bear arms).
  4. Reforming Term Limits. US House or Senate serve for a maximum of 12 yrs.

This is all that I know so far. I am a firm believer that knowledge is power, and learning the facts in a non-biased light are what allows people to build their own opinions and learn about the candidates in a fair way. In order to write these posts, I am educating myself on the Presidential candidates and doing a lot of research: reading news articles, watching interviews, following their campaigns, and going straight to the source of their websites, twitters, etc. I am just one person, though, so please comment if you believe I have been misinformed on any of the above topics/issues. I am eager to learn about these candidates and appreciate any information others may have. I fully encourage all of my readers to do their own research, as well. Read as many news sources as you can get your hands on, look for both sides of the argument, and try to separate the gossip from the facts.

I’ll be back next Sunday with the lowdown on Hillary Clinton!


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