Saturday Songs (Starter Kit)

For any of you who follow me on tumblr or twitter, you know that I do weekly song recommendations on Saturdays. Saturdays are my days to just chill and relax and enjoy life, whether that means staying in and binge-watching TV, reading a book, getting a manicure, going to the park, or hanging out with a friend. But I always work music into my schedule.

When I find an amazing new (or old) song that resonates with me, the first thing I always do is recommend it to a friend. So I decided to just start posting my favorite songs or songs that I listened to over and over again or new songs that I’ve just found every Saturday so you guys can enjoy them, too! I’ve been doing this for a few months now, so here’s a starter kit for you guys of my favorite songs I’ve rec’d in the past to get you started.

Tongues // Joywave, KOPPS

Hummed Low // Odessa

It’s Only // Odesza

Basic Instinct // The Acid

My Number // Foals

Discoloration // Dawn Golden

Bloodstream // Ed Sheeran

Daydreamer // Young the Giant

Love Like Ghosts // Lord Huron

Fisherman // The Peach Kings

Bloom // Odesza

I’ll have some more for you next Saturday. For now, sit back, relax, and enjoy your weekend with this great soundtrack 🙂


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