My Week in NYC

There’s always something going on in New York. It was something I struggled with when I first moved to the city because I hated the idea of missing a single moment. I had to learn to balance the fun the city has to offer with maintaining a normal life, because while NYC is alive and full of adventure, it’s also my home, so some nights I just have to go home and sleep But, I still venture out as much as I can, because there’s always something going on (except in winter. NYC sucks in winter).

For those of you like me who dream of the Big Apple, let me warn you that it is and isn’t what it seems.

It is one of the most amazing cities in the world, filled with diversity and life and interesting people and shopping and great food and concerts and gorgeous parks and unbelievable architecture. You never get bored and you never find yourself at a lack of fun things to get up to.

It isn’t for the faint of heart or those who tire easily or prefer a slower pace or don’t like walking or getting yelled at or hit on daily by strangers and creeps. The daily commute is long and the winters are longer. The cost of rent is high, as are groceries, transportation, ordering in, and going to the cinema.The landlords suck and the people can be jerks (most of them aren’t, but there’s enough that you notice).

But I’m able to look past all the things that the city isn’t, the things that I didn’t see with my blinders on when I first fell in love with this crazy city at 16 and decided to move up here, or when I finally did commit and move up at age 22. It wasn’t until I had been here for 8 months that I could finally acknowledge that the city has it’s flaws. It smells, it floods, the subways get overcrowded and sweaty, you’ll slip and fall on black ice, the work hours are long and the pay is absurdly low. Your money slips through your fingers before it even touches your wallet and time goes by so quickly that you realize your life is flashing by before you have a chance to sit back and enjoy it.

But spring has finally sprung and the city is coming alive again. I’m sleeping with my window open and letting the cool breeze flow in, the sounds of the city streets and music that my neighbors are playing floating in along with it. The snow has melted away and the trees are starting to bloom once more. Finally, the magic of the city has returned!

Which means I’d love to give you guys weekly updates on all the fun things this city has to offer. I’d like to give you my personal, inside scoop on NYC. The glamorous, the gritty, the fun, the awful… the whole package.

So, without further ado, my week in NYC!

It all started off with a picnic in the park.

photo (3)  photo (4)

I live a few blocks from the most gorgeous neighborhood park. I actually chose my current apartment because of it’s close vicinity to the park and the waterfront. So my roommates and I packed a picnic basket, dressed up in our “Sunday best”, and ventured outdoors to enjoy the warmer weather.

I met up later with Ryan Gosling at the Apple Store in SoHo. You know, no big deal.

photo (5)

His directorial debut, Lost Rivers, actually looks really cool. And it has Matt Smith in it. Turns out, Ryan Gosling is a HUGE Matt Smith fan and cast him in his film just he could have the opportunity to meet and work with him. He said that Matt Smith was so good that he didn’t even know how to direct him, and just sat back and let him do his thing. I plan on watching the film this weekend- I’ll get back to you with my thoughts on it!

When wandering around SoHo after seeing Ryan Gosling, I found a new tea shop, T2, and FELL IN LOVE. For you locals- if you buy a tumbler from the store, they will fill it up with tea for free on Fridays. It’s located on Prince street, at the corner of Crosby. Which is conveniently close to my favorite bookstore, Housing Works!  (Are you sensing my love for SoHo? Because I seriously LOVE SoHo). I found a great used copy of Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan and an illustrated encyclopedia of Arthurian Legend (nerd alert). Again, locals, go to this bookstore if you haven’t already. It’s beautiful, has prices that can’t be beat, and 100% of the profits from the cafe go toward fighting AIDs and homelessness.

Midweek, I made my way to Bryant Park for lunch.

photo (6)

The park is right down the street from my work, so when I saw that the weather would finally reach 70 degrees, blue skies, and a cool breeze, I just HAD to go. People were out in hoards! Also, a homeless man tried to kiss me (Remember, NYC both IS and ISN’T the greatest city). I ducked out of the way and held back from beating his ass. Overall, I call it a win.


I’m ending the week on a relaxing note. Chilling with the cat tonight, then hanging out with a friend all day tomorrow. Plan is to hang out and watch some movies, but I hear it’s going to get up to 80 degrees tomorrow, so might have to scratch that plan in favor of the park. Hope you all survived the week ok and have a great, relaxing, fun weekend! Stay tuned tomorrow for some great music recs!


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