The Adventures of Emrys

I’d like you all to meet someone very special to me: my little girl, my pride and joy, the light of my life, and all around craziest cat in NYC- Emrys Iseult.

photo (1)

When I first met Emrys, I was with my best friend and we got the opportunity to meet with 3 different cats at the shelter we adopted her from. Em was the first kitten I met and was actually the opposite of what I wanted. I wanted a male cat over a year old. She was a she, obviously, and only 5 months old. She was underweight, having been a stray and fending for herself on the streets of NYC her whole life (very Oliver and Company, which is actually pretty hilarious, considering she has a boyfriend named Oliver now… but more on that later). She was also sick with herpes virus (not an STD in cats, FYI. It’s a common cold in cats, but they have it their whole lives and it only flairs up when they’re stressed). But she was perfect, and I knew the second I held her that she was the one.

I named Emrys after Merlin, since I’m a huge nerd about Arthurian legend. Emrys is the Welsh origin of the name, and a name Merlin is often referred to if you ever watched the BBC show Merlin, starring Colin Morgan (LOVE HIM). In the show, his eyes also glowed gold when he performed magic. Emrys, like Merlin, has gold eyes and grey beard hair, and she gets into trouble wherever she goes! I should have made her middle name “mischief” instead of Iseult (named, once again, after the Arthurian character Isolde).

I’ve had Emrys for almost a year now- her adoption day is July 1st, and you better believe it will be the party of the year. She’s everything I could ever want in a pet, and then some. I definitely have my hands full with her. She’s always getting into things. Like right now, for instance, she’s running around my room while I type this, despite having dislocated her tail last week.

photo (2)

She’s always off having adventures, so stay tuned for more updates on her love life with Oliver, tales of all the trouble she gets into, and how she’ll deal with finally getting this cast and cone off next week!


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