Is anybody out there?

My friends have convinced me to write down all of my thoughts, so I guess I have a blog now. Here we go!

I’d like to update this blog daily, with rotating topics for each day of the week, because I am a three-dimensional human being who has dichotomous musings (oh hey!) on lots of different things, not just fashion or boys or make-up (none of which will ever come up in this blog. That was the first and last time right there). For right now, though, I’ll probably just write whatever comes to mind until I get some sort of system going.

I know for sure I’d like to talk about music, politics, and just give my two cents about surviving in this crazy world, because even though I disagree, a lot of people seem to think I have my shit together.  I’ll probably talk about  my cat a lot, too. Sorry not sorry.

Thoughts on different topics you’d like me to cover?

Daily life in NYC?

Short stories?

TV shows?

General rantings about how people are assholes?

Oh! Good time to mention- this blog will be rated R!!!!! I’m a 23 year old, so I will write like one. If I’m going to do this blog, I’m going to do it in my own voice, or else what’s the point? Again… sorry not sorry.

My first real post will go up tomorrow, and I’d love some feedback while I figure out how I want this blog to work. I’d also love for my posts to open up conversation, so please comment with your own thoughts and opinions. This is a safe space- no fighting or bullying or putting other people down for having different opinions. Please comment in a respectful way. I want debates, not fights. This world would be fucking boring if we all had the same opinion on everything. Agreed? Agreed.

That’s all for now, folks. More tomorrow.


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